new release 2022

Kerville NewFolk Finalist

South Florida Folk Festival Songwriting Finalist

Rose Garden Songwriting finalist 

Seacoast Guitar Society Songwriter

Boston's Best 



Roots Highway -Italy - Gianfranco Callieri:
Today, a mother (single) of two children and the same for which we have been enchanted, desiring a Blue Magnetic like that of Joni Mitchell or Jackson Brown’s Magritte, the Band’s old stuff or the elegant Raccoon of JJ Cale.  On the other side of the all the comparisons, everything discounted, only two words are needed to describe Nothing Tragic: The first is fresh or refreshing and the second being classic.
Seacoast Online - Chris Hislop:
"If you haven't heard Redgate, then take it from me - start listening now. She's unreal. If you can picture a singer/songwriter that's as much Melissa Etheridge (in the rockin' vocals sense) as she is J.J. Cale (in the rockin' writing sense), then you're beginning to understand..."

Wildy's World - Wildy Haskill:
"With a dark and plain-spoken manner that speaks of Bonnie Raitt, Kate Redgate spins autobiographical musical yarns about a life that hasn't always been kind but has born good fruit."